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BrightFlame finished her novel (yeah!) and will begin teaching a series of workshops in NYC on April 10th:Working with Energy for Magic, Ritual, Activism...and Life begins with a workshop to co-create and experience a Reclaiming Tradition style ritual. On April 24th, join BrightFlame to experience the pentacle within. On May 8th we will walk the pentacle and enter the Mysteries. Finally, on May 22nd BrightFlame will present the language of energy--reading and using energy patterns for ritual, activism and life.

Please see the BrightFlame's Classes page for more info on this workshop series, including how to register. You may also contact us via email (link at bottom) to ask to be added to our class and event list.  Stay posted for other upcoming Events and Classes.
The most up to date info is on facebook these days, including BrightFlame's writings:

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The 2012 ritual series and the 2011 offering of the Elements of Magic class in NYC have come and gone and it was wildly fun and fulfilling to meet those of you who joined us. Please let us know if you are interested in the class and we'll organize another. Click for more info about recent classes.

BrightFlame's favorite book, The Fifth Sacred Thing, will become a movie
The the Kickstarter campaign through which BrightFlame became a movie backer has completed its goal, you can still donate to the project through the film website.



Have you read Shark Dialogues by Kiana Davenport?
Ishmael by Daniel Quinn? 
Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk?

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